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The SALSA plus Beer Accreditation Explained

We like to shout about our SALSA plus accreditation once in a while, but we’ve never actually dug deep into what that is on our blog before. With yet another of our lovely monthly ales, Noble Pilsner, coming out today, we thought now would be a good time to tell you.

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T'ales from the Brewhouse: Our Seasonal Ales for Autumn and Winter 2019

We’re proud of our core range of Lancaster Brewery beers; these classic beers are brewed in the traditional way, using freshly milled malt, whole hops, and our own live yeast strain. You can’t go wrong with a pint of Lancaster Blonde, Red, or Black. But we also like to switch things up throughout the year, which is where our seasonal T’ales from the Brewhouse come in.

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Why Everyone In England Drank Beer For Breakfast

In the UK during the Middle Ages, you’d probably start your day by having a beer with your breakfast and then heading to work. You’d probably continue to drink beer all day while you were working, too! Just the thought of day drinking while you’re at work might give you a bit of a headache, but it’s important to know that the beer that people were drinking for breakfast in the Middle Ages wasn’t quite the same as the beer we make here at Lancaster Brewery in 2019.

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