Our traditional range of classic beers produced using ancient brewing methods, freshly milled malt, whole hops and our own live yeast strain.

Comet - January

Comet - January 4.1%

A golden ale, the comet hop gives a citrus nose with a bitter finish.


Citra 4.4%

Single hopped blonde ale, has a refreshing mango aftertaste and light crisp bitterness leading to a smooth dry finish.

Willamette - February

Willamette - February 4%

Brewed with the American willamette hop, a golden, slightly spicy ale with a delicate blackcurrant aroma.

Cardinal - March

Cardinal - March 4.4%

This blonde ale is light and refreshing with a fruity, crisp finish.

Southern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere 4.1%

A blend of hops and malted barley give this light coloured beer a refreshing taste of tropical fruits.

Cascade - April

Cascade - April 4.2%

Cascade hops give this beer a bright golden appearance with a hint of spicy hop aroma and slight citrus flavour.

Epic - May

Epic - May 4.1%

A copper colour, the epic hop gives a pleasing berry like aroma with a hint of spicy lemon.


Kaleidoscope 4.2%

Crisp and refreshing, this beer explodes on the palate in a kaleidoscope of mango, blackberry, lime, spice and herbaceous flavours.

Jester - June

Jester - June 4.3%

The British jester hop gives a wild tropical fruit aroma with flavour notes of grapefruit, lychees, and blackcurrant.

Cashmere - July

Cashmere - July 4.2%

An American hop with lemon, lime and melon flavours.


Hay-Maker 4.4%

A pale ale, light and hoppy with a full flavoured finish and crisp aftertaste.

Boadicea - August

Boadicea - August 4%

This light blonde ale has a floral and spicy finish with a grassy scented aroma.

Motueka - September

Motueka - September 4.3%

A New Zealand hop gives a tropical fruit flavour and crisp finish.

Northern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere 4%

A blend of hops and roasted barley give this beer a dark golden colour with a crisp dry finish.

Noble - October

Noble - October 4.5%

Lager style pale ale using the noble pilsner German hop.

Earl Grey - November

Earl Grey - November 4.3%

A botanical blend of Earl Grey tea and British hops, this is a rich amber ale with a delicate floral finish.


Kingmaker 4.5%

This outstanding pale ale is made from a trio of noble hops, giving a citrus aroma with an intense grapefruit finish.

Chestnut Red - December

Chestnut Red - December 4.5%

A spicy, fruity red ale packed with full roasted chestnuts and redcurrants to create wonderful seasonal flavours.

Snowdrop - December

Snowdrop - December 4.1%

An trio of English hops gives this light pale ale a malty taste with a dry hoppy finish.

What makes us unique?

Freshly Milled Malt

Milled in our own, state-of-the-art malt mill. Most breweries use pre-milled malt, often milled weeks before brewing. We mill our malt on the same day we brew and this gives our beers unusually rich malt textures and flavours.

Whole Leaf Hops

Rather than increasingly common hop pellets or oils. This allows the full range of hop tastes to come through rather than just the concentrated bitterness of the modern alternatives.

Fermentation With Fresh, Live Yeast

We use a live yeast strain with ancestry dating back over 200 years. Our yeast differs from the dry yeast used by many micros as it smooths out some of the harshness in the hops and gives our beer a mellow edge.

Environmentally Aware Brewing

We source our electricity from the vast array of solar panels on the building roof. We also ensure all our used malt product is consumed by local, free range pigs.

Salsa Plus Beer Certified

We are extremly proud to say we have again achieved the Salsa Plus Beer Standard. Approval certification is only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate to a SALSA auditor that they are able to produce safe and legal beer and are committed to continually meeting the requirements of the SALSA plus Beer standard.

Where to Find Us