Our traditional range of classic beers produced using ancient brewing methods, freshly milled malt, whole hops and our own live yeast strain.

Citra - Jan/Feb

Citra - Jan/Feb 4.4%

A blonde ale with a refreshing mango aftertaste.

Hay-Maker - Mar/Apr

Hay-Maker - Mar/Apr 4.2%

Pale ale with a full-flavoured finish.

Centennial - May/Jun

Centennial - May/Jun 4.2%

Very pale ale with citrus aromas

Cascade - Jul/Aug

Cascade - Jul/Aug 4.2%

Golden ale using the cascade hop

Mosaic - Sep/Oct

Mosaic - Sep/Oct 4.2%

A blonde ale with a crisp finish

West Coast Triple Hop - Nov/Dec

West Coast Triple Hop - Nov/Dec 4%

An all-American hopped pale ale.

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