Our traditional range of classic beers produced using ancient brewing methods, freshly milled malt, whole hops and our own live yeast strain.

Lancaster Amber

Lancaster Amber 3.6%

A deep gold session bitter, punching above its weight in flavour. Abundantly hoppy, with subtle floral and citrus aromas. A classic bitter that is both aromatic and bursting with flavour.

Lancaster Red

Lancaster Red 4.8%

A premium strength, ruby beer. Robust and malt-dominated, fired by a spicy but sweet fragrance. An impact beer designed to leave lasting impressions both visually and on the taste buds.

Lancaster Blonde

Lancaster Blonde 4%

A vivid golden bitter, designed to offer pale beer with real taste and aromatic impact. The initial bitterness is followed by a surprising sweetness culminating with a long dry finish.

Lancaster Black

Lancaster Black 4.5%

Classic, traditional stout. Complex taste with a rich and full body. Crisp, with a full bouquet of spices, fruit and floral aromas.

Copper Cider

Copper Cider 5.3%

Premium Dry Cider.

Blush Cider

Blush Cider 4.5%

Medium Dry Cider.

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