The SALSA plus Beer Accreditation Explained

We like to shout about our SALSA plus accreditation once in a while, but we’ve never actually dug deep into what that is on our blog before. With yet another of our lovely monthly ales, Noble Pilsner, coming out today, we thought now would be a good time to tell you.

In short, the SALSA plus is an accreditation awarded to breweries to give customers some peace of mind that they’re getting a top quality pint. Getting this accreditation isn’t an easy feat, though. Everyone from our brewers to our bottlers have had to prove themselves!

Food safety experts clubbed together to write the SALSA standard to reflect the legal requirements for producers and the expectations of professional buyers. But, the SALSA plus includes an extensive, beer-specific module written by SALSA and Cask Marque, too.

To be awarded the SALSA plus standard, breweries have to show excellence in the brewing and bottling of its beers, it has to show that staff really know their stuff and display impeccable personal hygiene and cleaning standards, and that the beer matches the required quality. Contamination and cross contamination prevention, waste control, and control of raw materials all have to be taken care of as well. 

So, next time you buy a bottle of Lancaster Brewery beer from the supermarket, or you watch your pint of one of our fine ales being poured in the pub, rest assured that we’ve taken good care of your favourite Lancaster Brewery beer.

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