Chris Duffy's Guide To The Perfect Pint

We make beer, that's no secret. 

It's also no simple feat; it's an art. 

But we don't just make it, we pour it daily in our Brewhouse & Tap and that's an art, too. More than you might think goes into pouring the perfect pint, so we turned to the beer-loving, pint-pulling, Brewhouse & Tap-managing Chris Duffy to tell us how it's done to perfection.

1. The Glass 

"The glass, some say the most important part of drinking beer… the drinking vessel, the chalice of joy, the tankard of passion, consumption, and relaxation. Choosing the perfect glass is key to the beer being consumed. Over the years this has changed and become the deciding factor in the type of beers we consume. 

"The story goes that, in the 'olden days' of shipyard recruitment, the tankard with its glass bottom was designed so when you drank from it you could see if the ships commander was approaching you. The commander would drop a coin into your glass signifying that you had been recruited! To avoid this, you would sip and look through the glass bottom and make a sly move away from the hounding commander."

2. The First Pull

"The first pull, an essential part of creating the perfect cask beer pint, strong, concise, and executed with grace. This first pour sets up the rest of the pint! A frothy top is what we like up north!"

3. The Second Pull

"Second pull, encompassing the body of the beer, filling the glass, stopping just off the top to allow the beer to naturally filter and settle for the final pour. 

"The colour transition and flow is a stunning display of the combination of malt, yeast, and the characteristics of the hops all working together to create perfect collaboration for our pint. This is time to let the beer settle. Settle too long and all the hard work will result in a flat discordance of the froth. Too soon and the wastage will be the crux in getting the best yield throughout in your bar."

4. The Final Pour

"The final pour: precise, and a careful calculation of 'topping up' to finish off the pint. After starting the pour off with a strong pull, the head should be around an inch thick. As we slowly draw the last drop, we lower the glass creating a stunning frothy domed finish, the tiny bubbles stir thoughts of creamy, candy floss, light, bubbly-ness of joy."

5. Presentation

"Presentation to the customer, once we have finished the pour, using all our understanding, knowledge, and expertise, we present the customer with the finished pint. Branded glasses should always face the customer. Pro tip: give a smile replicating the smile of the customer who has been waiting in anticipation."

6. Drinking

"I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to drink your drink! 

"Some take a big gulp capturing the sometimes still-settling beer, drinking through the foam which draws in oxygen and releasing the flavours, depth, and body of the beer. Some like the beer to fully settle, sip from the top, and savour every drop. 

"I personally like the big gulp for the reasons stated; each to their own but you wont find me waiting until you’ve finished your pint, I’m on to the next. Please drink responsibly."

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