Chris Duffy: Lancaster Brewery’s Christmas Party Nights

We’ve kicked off our Christmas party nights with a bang. We’ve entertained hundreds of guests already and the nights have gone amazingly well!

These nights start with a winter warmer, featuring hand-selected spices from around the globe and a proper wedge of succulent orange, heated to just the right temperature to welcome you in from the not-so-pleasant cold and rain we’ve been experiencing.

As you arrive, you’re greeted by our team and welcomed into the venue, meeting friends and colleagues at the fully-stocked bar. This is where our on-hand staff can introduce you to the huge selection of drinks we have on offer.

After around 40 minutes, we begin with the games and crowd warmers, inviting guests to put one hand in the air and point to the most irresponsible member of the team! This gives an opportunity for the staff feuds to bubble and build all in the name of fun.

Guests are then invited through into our huge heated marquee where they are greeted by yours truly guiding them to their seats which have been meticulously set and played out in position by our team. We’re like busy little elves in the night working away to make everything look stunning. The look on people's faces as they walk through is great, it's usually a look of astonishment and I have heard “wow this looks amazing” murmured to friends and colleagues.

Our caterers, The Striped Pig, are slick, efficient and swift in beginning their food service their team have been huddling round the stove to keep warm while helping prepare the delicious food being served. Carole, the head honcho, is calm, collected, and precise in her direction to the very capable staff who are always on-hand, courteous, and super helpful. I’ve had a taster of the food being served and, my goodness, the grub is good.

This continues for around 30 minutes. During that time, you may see a human turkey roaming around and entertaining guests by blowing up balloons and generally creating a buzz and party atmosphere. 

You can pre-order plenty of drinks and the pop-up gin bar is capable of providing not only gins, but ale, cider, wine, and lager! After a few more rounds of entertainment, guests are full up from the delicious desserts and invited back into The Brewhouse & Tap where our team have been swiftly changing the venue into the purpose-built party place!

Lights dimmed to create the atmosphere, flashing lights spiralling on the dance floor, the smoke machine creating the mist and haze where you can just about see the band... and then the first chord is hit, the band are off. 24/7 with Steve, the front man, striking the ivories with a funky flourish of jazzy funk covers to get you on the dance floor!

This is the signal that the party has started. We see guests fill the dance floor and dance the night away. Our compère keeps the guess entertained during a small pause the band takes to get re-fuelled - seemingly Lancaster Black works best here! - with more games and jokes to keep the guests included.

We serve on the busy bar throughout the night with our team working tirelessly to serve the best drinks we have to offer, they really do a great job whilst upholding the super high standards we’ve set. Meanwhile, it’s over to the marquee clean up, turn heaters off to preserve fuel, and re-set the tables for the next event.

We jump back on the bar in the busy times and help out where we can - keeping the drinks flowing adds to that party atmosphere which never has a dull moment, all part of a day’s work keeping the guests smiling and entertained through the night.

So, that’s four down and four to go… we can’t wait to do it all over again with a mixture of class, coordination, and quality food, showcasing our team and venue which I’m so proud of calling my own.

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